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Breath Easier With A Humidifier!

Protect your family from dry skin, static shock, and nose bleeds with the correct humidity level. 

Utah is known for it's dry air, but you can keep the air in your home at a comfortable humidity level with a whole house humidifier. 

Keep viruses from spreading and infecting by keeping your sinuses moist and on guard ready to fight. Humidifiers also help to minimize allergies from dust and pollen. 

A steam humidifier will also protect and condition the wood furniture and wood floors in your home to keep them from drying out, helping them to last longer. 

Humidifiers Options and Pricing


Bypass Humidifier - If your home is 2,000 sq. feet or less, a bypass humidifer will keep your home comfortable. Save $200 on a Bypass humidifier now! Regular price $1095, SPECIAL $895

Power Humidifier - If your home is over 3,000 sq. feet, you will want to add a power humidifier to your home. You will need one for every furnace in your home. Save $200 on a Power humidifier now! Regular price $1195, SPECIAL $995

Steam Humidifier - If your home is over 5,000 square feet then this is the product for you! It boils the water to release the steam into your home. The humidification makes the air feel warmer without extra usage of your furnace. This is the best humidifier to use for medicinal purposes. Save $300 on a steam humidifier now! Regular price is $2799, SPECIAL $2499

Whole Home Humidifier Benefits...

Helps reduce static electricity charge and wood damage

Static electricity builds up in winter compared to summer when the air is dryer. Static electricity can be damaging to electrical equipment. Proper humidification helps to reduce static electricity. Reduces damage to wooden objects, including instruments. Wooden objects and furniture dry out and eventually cracks in dry air. Moisturized air helps to keep wooden furniture intact.

Reduces dust levels. 

Humidity binds dust. Dry air causes the dust to raise a condition which is made worse by thermal currents created by the furnace in your home. If you have someone who is allergic to dust, a humidifier can greatly benefit them.

Reduces itchy skin, chapped lips and dry and red eyes. 

When the air around you is dry it can draw moisture from any available source including your skin, lips, human cells and membranes causing irritation and drying. If you suffer from excema, a humidifier can help to decrease your symptoms. 

Reduces susceptibility to colds. 

Dry air affects windpipe self-cleansing function, thus increased respiratory tract complaints and susceptibility to infections. Humidifiers reduce the chances of having a cold as well as the amount of time you are sick.  

Reduces discomfort and tiredness. 

Breathing of dry air makes transfer and uptake of oxygen to the blood system more difficult. Reduced supply of oxygen leads to reduced concentration, fatigue, headaches and tiredness. Proper humidification helps keep the nasal passage and throat clear, thus preventing respiratory ailments which harms your voice. Professional singers are known to keep as many as 100 humidifiers within their homes, creating a steam bath environment.

Installation Details

When you order from Western Heating and Air, we guarantee you are getting the highest-quality product, with proper installation. Bypass and Power Humidifiers are installed right into the duct work next to your furnace. There needs to be a water source near the furnace (usually the water heater is nearby) that we can use to supply the water to the humidifier. Steam humidifiers are mounted on a wall near the furnace and also need a direct water source. Installation usually takes about 2 hours. Control the humidity in your home from your thermostat. 

Humidifier Maintenance 

Whole House Humidifiers have a humidifier pad, which is similar to an air filter on a furnace. The pad catches particles in the water which may be harmful to the humidifier. This pad should be changed out annually. Our Monument Club Members typically have us change their humidifier pads each fall while we are doing their annual furnace maintenance. But it is a simple change and can be done on your own. Humidifier pads are anywhere from $35-40 each. 

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